Transparency on societal impacts is vital for a sustainable, European economy.
Join the coalition for an ambitious sustainability reporting standard.

Count what counts: impact transparency for all.

Ambition for a more impactful csrd

At CSRD.org, our core objective is to elevate the CSRD to new heights of ambition. Initiated by the Impact Economy Foundation, our campaign addresses the critical need for heightened transparency and accountability in corporate practices. 

Empowering Organisations Beyond Compliance

We are dedicated to guiding organisations beyond mere CSRD compliance. Our mission is to empower businesses to view these regulations not as hurdles but as opportunities for transformative growth. Through resources, insights, and thought leadership, we support companies in embracing the CSRD as a catalyst for positive impact. 

CSRD as an Opportunity, Not a Barrier

CSRD compliance shouldn’t be viewed as a barrier but as an opportunity for organisations to thrive in a sustainable future. CSRD.org advocates for a perspective shift, showcasing how adherence to robust sustainability reporting can enhance corporate reputation, attract investors, and foster a culture of innovation and responsibility. Join us in turning CSRD compliance into a strategic advantage for lasting success. 

IWAF as the Future of Reporting Standards

Embrace the future of reporting with the IWAF. IWAF emerges as a comprehensive framework empowering organisations to navigate the complexities of sustainability reporting and drive impactful change. IWAF revolutionises reporting standards, offering a holistic approach that considers social and environmental impacts alongside financial metrics, facilitating the shift from transparency to transformation. 

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