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Transparency on societal impacts is vital for a sustainable, European economy.
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CSRD Under pressure

Therefore, joint action is needed. Together we can realize ambitious ESRS that Count what counts! 

Join the call for ambitious European Sustainability Reporting Standards!

Our letter to the Commission

European Sustainability Reporting Standards


Mandatory disclosure of core impacts such as Climate Change, Principal Adverse Impacts and workers in the value chain.

As the climate crisis is intensifying and inequality persists, the ESRS should make disclosures on crucial matters such as climate change, fair wages for employees in the value chain and Principal Adverse Impacts mandatory. Omitting mandatory disclosures on Principal Adverse Impact would also strongly affect the financial institutions’ data collection processes necessary under the SFDR.

Biodiversity transition plans and accounting for planetary boundaries

Healthy ecosystems are essential for human flourishing. Therefore, it is vital that organisations report under the CSRD on their transition plan to bring their biodiversity impact within ecological thresholds. Furthermore, it should be mandatory for organisations to report how their climate ambitions connect to planetary boundaries.

No delayed phase-in of topical standards.

The environmental and social crises don't wait. Therefore, delayed phase-in of reporting on scope 3 GHG emissions, biodiversity and financial effects related to non-climate environmental issues (pollution, water, and resource use). Also reporting on value chain workers and their own workforce should not be delayed.

Public Consultation


Join the coalition

Reach out to info@impacteconomyfoundation.org to join the coalition for an ambitious ESRS.

Respond to the public consultation before the 7th of July

Respond to the public consultation and demand meaningful impact transparency.

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Numbers count! We need as many organisations and individuals as possible to respond to the public consultation.

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